One Bad Seed


Sneak peek...


We always want what we can't have.

Detective Inspector Chester Robinson wants to go back to the past – when his son was still alive. 

Lyric O'Toole, the head-waitress of iconic restaurant Junos, 

 wants to find a cure for her daughter's chronic illness. 


Criminal underworld figure, Stasio, desperately wants an heir for his empire.


DI Robinson returns from compassionate leave after his son's death. As he continues to battle with grief and depression, he heads an investigation into the murder of Stasio's brother-in-law. 

Meanwhile – Stasio meets Lyric while dining at JunosHe gives Lyric a lifeline to help her daughter, but this act of kindness leads to another murder.  


When an apple seed is found at a crime scene and a gravestone reveals a shocking lie, DI Robinson discovers a link and the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place...

One Bad Seed is set in the hospitality and coffee culture of contemporary Melbourne and expands into the vineyards and orchards of the Yarra Valley. 

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